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Lick the Spoon

Hand made by husband and wife team Diana and Matthew Short, who are based in Gloucestershire. They make the best fine chocolates anywhere, to inspire and delight you with creativity that elevates chocolate beyond a delicious indulgence to an enduring chocolate memory.


Wicked & Wonderful

Every chocolate is handcrafted and individually decorated before being placed into luxury handmade gift boxes. Handmade by Ben Axford who use only natural ingredients.
As a chocolate gift they are designed with one thing in mind – to put a huge smile on the lucky person who receives one.


Hamilton Chocolates

Hamiltons chocolates are handmade using Belgian chocolate and only the finest ingredients. The delicious centres are made with natural flavours real liqueurs and spirits and real fruit purees thus ensuring a truly mouth watering taste experience.

Bennetts Ice Cream at Chocolate Avenue
We sell Bennetts ice cream

Bennett's Ice cream

Traditional luxury ice cream made with fresh milk from local Worcestershire herd & fresh double cream. With the exception of Amaretto, Lemon Meringue and Champagne Sorbet, all of our recipes are suitable for vegetarians and are gluten free (please ask for more information on allergen content).

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