Chocolate Mint Cream Liqueur (50 cl)

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Generous amounts of Dutch cocoa (22-24% cocoa butter), with high quality mint extracts, this Mint Chocolate liqueur uses only 5 main ingredients: fresh milk, sugar, pure Dutch cocoa, alcohol and natural aromas.

2 in stock

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The Chocolate Mint Cream Liqueur is created with semi-skimmed milk, sugar, alcohol and a small amount of grappa. They have low alcohol content (17°) to bring out the distinctly individual flavours. This also perfects the conservation of milk and its organoleptic characteristics. The natural ingredients (milk, rather than milk protein, and water), and the special processing through controlled temperature emulsification, lend these products a remarkably creamy consistency.

To make this gorgeous Chocolate Mint Cream Liqueur they use 5 main ingredients: fresh milk, sugar, Dutch cocoa, alcohol and aromas.

Full Ingredient List If you have any allergens please contact me before ordering with any concerns you may have.




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